Grow Toward Your Dreams (50 Books)

Grow Toward Your Dreams (50 Books)


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Pre-order 50 books at $10 per book. The author, Steve Moore, will also do a live Q & A call with your group.

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In my nearly three decades of coaching people for personal growth, I have discovered a key to lifelong development is the creation of a personal growth cycle and a systematic process of self-assessment. A personal growth cycle is to your development what a fiscal year is to an organization. And the self-assessment is like an audit. Your personal growth plan is like a budget.

In these two webinars you will receive step-by-step instruction about how to choose a personal growth cycle, plan an effective personal growth retreat, and conduct a thorough self-assessment so you can create a personal growth plan.

  • “How to use the Personal Growth Assessment Tool”

  • “How to Plan a Personal Growth Retreat”

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  • Developmental Leadership: Becoming the Person Everyone Wants to Work For

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  • Quantify how well you understand your identity with the IPSAT.

  • Get a followup coaching session to understand your results.

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